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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Arrh, so we wanna know about the pirate game, do we.

It’s a game of pillaging basically...everybody gets five cards dealt to them [depending how many people depends how many decks of cards ya gotta mix together]. I have one deck to myself from which I call out a card...say the ace of spades. They discard the ace of spades card into a discard bucket...next card is called and so on and so on...until all the gifts have been removed from the middle and are sitting between the seated oldies feet.

Now this is where the evilness starts. With the cards called from now on the owner of the called card has to go and steal a gift from someone else. They are funny to watch...cracks me up. and don't think I don't keep me eye on how often the alcohol flavoured chocolates get stolen over and over.

This year I am, gunna do some mystery gifts.

I just hope I have room. As this year I have invited another day-care group from a smaller town over a hundred kilometres away plus all the other volunteers. Dunno exactly how many are coming yet. So for the next three weeks I will alternate between being really enthusiastic to saying fuck why do I do this to myself. But anyway, just seeing me old tarts and farts giggling like kids and enjoying themselves is all worth it eh.

Yes, I’ll keep telling meself that.

I can't wait fer Christmas to be over, then I can go back to bitchun about 'em...heh.
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