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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yesterday I resisted the urge...

to exit my front door with my pissy pants on to kick the loudly idling trail bike over and beating it with my shovel, I rang the real estate agent instead. Put in a formal complaint about F-F and his equally noisy cronies...fat lot of good it will do but I did feel somewhat better bitching "can ya hear this" and holding the phone out towards the noise. "I've been listening to that for at least fifteen minutes and don't get me started on the noise from the three vehicles and one quad bike that are currently housed here". She'll talk to her husband Nincompoop Nick to see what can be done. I know fuck all will happen.

And really I will just have to suck it up, the possibility of having a black mark for assault on my record for immigrations background check would not bode well. So instead I placated myself with visions of sniper shooting F-F off his trail bike as he went noisily down the road. Then I put a note in his mailbox telling him..."As a considerate neighbour, you suck dead kangaroo balls".

Oh well anyway eh...won't be forever.

I went out earlier today on an errand for one of my favourite old tarts...donuts and her Friday paper. Fuckit if the paper don't come out til 1pm so I'll be having to nip out later on. Decided that I will wait til after I have rang the Little Fat Bastid that way I will also drop into the Club and buy another six pack of Southo. Have I mentioned how much I despise not being able to smoke a few scoobs, certainly was cheaper than the frigging six packs at seventeen bucks a pop.

I have this habit of holding open doors for anyone behind me or in front of me. Today it backfired when the person I was holding it open for walked smack bang into the side of it. After she rebounded off it she said she couldn't see it was open due to the sun..."well there goes me good deed for the bloody day".

Yesterday I had the proof that indeed "I am a star"...it was stamped on my hand by the teller at the credit union. I received it after counting my banking correctly, something I have not managed to do in the past two weeks. Dunno where my heads was at then, but it seems I have got over it...hence the stamp.

Been spending some time playing online bingo...yes I know, STFU. It passes the time.

I've grown to dislike some of the useless chat that goes on...always love the GBU's [god bless you] coming from those who had just character assassinated someone [they don't know] in the room for simply not answering a question that was put to them. For all they know that person wasn’t watching the chat going on. But when one of them typed in they're just ignorent...twice. I couldn't resist typing, maybe so but perhaps they would know how to spell ignorant.

I dunno, today I'm feeling that I can tip either way...pissiness or not.

Guess it’s time for some bingo.
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