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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well the day...

has not started out to be the best day for considerate thinking people crossing my path. I am thinking it may not improve as I am about to be off for the fortnightly shopping trip...hmmm.

Please meals on wheels recipient if you are gunna bugger off up to Queensland it would have been nice if you had let us know...then we wouldn't have bothered cooking and delivering your meals for the past two days. Thank you for the courtesy, you will still be receiving the bill plus I should charge you for the petrol wasted in delivering said meals.

Mr fruit and veg man. See that driveway there, yes the one you are parked across blocking road exit and entry while you merrily go about selling yer wares. Guess that was the reason for my snarl at you as the Blue Hornet and I went cross country to manoeuvre into where I live.

Oh goodie Friar-Fuck has more stay over visitors and may I say that is a wonderful home perm you have happening there, how it cascades out from yer balding plate is simply divine. I will endeavour to get a happy snap of what you got going on with that. You never know you may create the new trend in hairstyles for men. I know others would have to be envious of it.

Well, better get cracking. No doubt I will return to add more to this.


Okay I’m back...

And YOU, you with the stupid head on yer shoulders...if you have to ask how the bendable candle lighter works you obviously don’t need one. Please stop holding up the line while you discuss it’s possible uses with the equally stupid cashier. There’s people standing behind you, you know. People who are getting a might testy with you discussing every one of your purchases and wondering what they do...YES! they are fucking headphones. Take them home, shove them up yer coit and let the music move you like it’s never moved you before.

As for you, you idiot masquerading as a shopper if you leave your shopping trolley planted in the centre of the aisle while you squat down looking at all the pretty biscuits. There’s a good chance someone like me will come along who after getting no response from her repeated pleasant excuse me’s will forcefully bump your trolley out of the way with her trolley. Yeah you noticed me when it went bang with the shelving didn’t you.

But just so that you all don’t think it was an entirely ugly venture in and back...

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