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Thursday, July 13, 2006

*struts in...with a big fat V for Victory*

It is I!! Supermarket McFly...I not only whipped my little sister's slow moving arse in the mad shopping trolley dash and grab around Coles supermarket I did it again. Yes agaain. In the Woolworths one. HA! Talk about being two times a lady winner.

For a few seconds whilst I was shoving my happy/gloating face in my sister’s immediate space whilst she was being checked out by the chick. I thought that she had farted. I was sure that she must have, had to be either her or the cashier that done made the smelt that I was dealt. Being that I had to know who was responsible. I leaned in again, shielded from the cashiers view and enquired in a soft voice...

“Did you fart?”...lean back out


Lean back in...“Did you *making sniff, sniff noise* fart?”...lean back out quickly.

“NOO”...with as much offence that she could muster...“It’s the bloody baked chook...and stop sniffing me trying to find out if I‘m lying”.

Was too...maan they stink. Luckily they taste so good or they'd never get eaten.
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