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Friday, July 14, 2006


I love receiving them but I think I love giving them more. But only when I have something to say.

Although some days I’m just a tad leery in leaving them on blogs who don‘t have any cyber history with me and sometimes those that do...so please may I ask all you lusty envious bitches out there if ever I offend with what I have said. For fucks sake do tell me...it would horrify me if I ever thought I made you mad or worse still hurt your feelings.

Well unless I meant to make you mad and hurt yer feelings...but really I try to only do that in real life. I’m pretty successful in it too. Luckily I have long legs. Run, Run like the wind while giving the finger over your shoulder was my M.O. Now I’m too crabby and old to run.

Okay so I hate my heater. Still.

I know, I know hate is such a strong word but well just fuckit sometimes I do hate the blasted thing. Fucker I sat there for fifteen minutes with the ignition button pressed waiting for it to stay set. Finger kept relaxing and the pilot light would go out...so I’d start it again. Went out so many times it shut down completely...no clickee clickee of the gas lightee. Fucken thing...I slapped it and stomped off muttering.

Luckily for me I am the epitome of style, grace and hope. Some days I really like being me. I feel like some old stereotypical homeless person...wrapped up in various ill fitting clothes, knitted fingerless gloves while muttering obscenities. But hey I’m still able to type and I have coffee. Plus I guess I’m saving on gas. Fuckers! So it’s not all bad eh.

Had to go out earlier today. Donut run for Large Marge and some liver for her big orange puss. Luckily as I left the first store I ran into one of the girls working there, who earlier had taken a message from Marge adding paper, milk and mayo to her shopping list. I know she would have sent me back down the street to get them. Not like you can say “Nope, fuck off granny I don’t want to” to a ninety three year old and feel comfortable in saying it huh.

Returned my videos and bought a pair of sunglasses. My old one’s are on the way out and god bloody knows I can not bear to venture out without my sunnies on. Not because I am famous and swamped by adoring fans...although I really should be...but because my eyes water like a mofo that’s just been kicked in the nuts by a horse. Sadly they had no more of the mirrored ones...I adore them...nobody can see what/who yer looking at.

My life thus far.
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