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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

so its shopping day on saturday...

sometimes even i can get excited about that. the good thing about going on a saturday. there’s more people to watch and make fun off. sometimes i like to use shopping day as my get out yer aggression day. you know what i mean...ram the elderly...run over slow moving stock boys. this time i think i will pretend to have torettes. bet i get a checkout to myself. and a very nervous cashier. can you imagine the face on the wee young tart...as i disguise my “move it along bitch” in a wave of jerks and blinks.

earlier tonight i discovered a dog taking a dump in my front dirt/rock/twig garden. the garden that jest happens to sit under my bedroom window...lucky i ain’t got no fucken flyscreens [STILL!] or else i’d be tempted to leave the window open all night just to remind me to kick that dog owners arse. welll...mentally plot the arse kicking. but a good mental arse kicking just the same. “yeah here’s two fingers for you and one fer yer dog”

one of my oldies is going to be ninety on monday...how good is that huh. she lives alone and functions in her own home. loves her tucker and a big schooner of beer. she’s full of hugs and kisses. she is one of me favourite old tarts. so i must remember to get a cake mix on saturday, bake it monday and take my camera on tuesday.

i had to call their bingo tuesday gone. i ignored their boo’s and hisses admirably. when one of them said it was time for a “whingers game” [where they have one number left to get] i reminded them that they’d already whined enough.

okay gotta go practice my facial tics for saturdays outing then i’m off to bed. nighty night.
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