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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

thank fuck fer...

australia day coming up on thursday. makes a five day weekend for me. now usually i could get more excited over this but in reality it will just be the same ole, same ole. just killing time. maybe i should make another effort and go see my brother and his family one of them days. see if my niece is eating poop again.

might see if my sister wants to come for a child free day on sunday. she has three of them. and they have all been on school holidays since before christmas. so she definitely needs a day away from them eh. i know i would. plus i would put her to work with her sewing abilities. some of you may remember the oldies and i did some patches waaay back...to make a quilty wall-hanging thingo. welll, its still at the same stage it was eight or so months ago. i dread any of them asking me about it. again. i mean, by now my excuses have run dry...i’d like to say “fuck orf and i’ll finish it when i feel like finishing it”...but i don’t reckon they’d like that answer. we’ll see...we’ll see.

had a visitor tonight about seven-thirty. wasn’t greatly pleased. but now i notice i don’t say “that’s okay” when they apologise fer coming to my home. i kinda just either not say anything in response or i mutter. wonder if that’s disconcerting to any of them? oh well aye. it was the successful applicant for the handyman slash mowing bitch position...pays twenty bucks an hour. i will add he was the only applicant...there was two others but they had changed their minds. yep thanks fer telling me you fucktards...wasted part of my morning trying to contact them to inform them of their interview times.

after i packed the oldies off onto the bus with a tearful farewell [ahaa...not fucking likely it was tearful] i managed to get ALL my mds data entered and sent off to the department of aged blah blah that gives us our governmental funding. so that was a biiig bonus. i usually leave it until the last minute...in actuality i kinda did. was either done today or done tomorrow. ha. one day i will get me act together and not let everything pile up on me.

mind you i was contemplating head-butting the monitor when the power went off partway thru the transmission. worse still it stayed off outlasting the small battery backup. arrrghhhh. it’s nothing for me to go back after my days off to find twenty sheets had passed thru the fax machine saying that the power went off at such a such time [guess i always have evidence huh] fucken country area power company. someone show blow it up. along with their internet provider services. thank fuck i don’t have that provider at home. or else i’d be more of a pissy bitch.

my son received a love letter the other week. how do i know it was a love letter you may ask. well i opened it of course...once i realised that i could do so without leaving telltale evidence...gotta be aware i always say. now this writer is probably eleven and my son is thirteen i know her mother...and her mums well she’s a bit of a slag really...but i loike her...don’t particularly wanna hangout with her at the pub while she has some random guy sucking on her bare tit but i talk to her when she’s up playing at being the doctor’s receptionist amongst a waiting room full of tut tutters. *grin*...gotta give her credit for not letting their disapproval hinder her thoughts and actions. dunno if she is knowing that the slimy publican with the man boobs downloaded the funbag suckling pics onto his computer tho. hmmm.

ahhh small town life...sometimes ya gotta laugh at it.

**oh and a flea trail is the trail of hair that leads down to the good bits on a bloke. my husband has a perfect one. pj and rocky know what ahm talkun about.

*rocks back and forth muttering* stop thinking of flea trail...stop thinking of flea trail.
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