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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hey ho...

the flat dwelling neighbours have returned.

oh joy, happy dust and goodie goodie gumdrops...i knoooow you noticed the sarcasm dripping there. but, i guess i will get my backyard mowed so i won't have to be AS cautious stepping out into it...*looking...looking...everywhere*...they better not wake me up in tha morning tho. or...orRR... i'll just haftah bitch, roll over in bed and start more plotting.

had a pretty productive day. i like kicking butt at work. meaning getting what i wanted/needed done not actually kicking someone's butt. no i repeat no old wrinkly butted people have been physically or mentally hurt in the making of my day.

had a discussion with the extremely gawd fearing supervisor of the hostel next door concerning us transporting their live in residents [we always did their respite resoes...the "i'm just here for a holiday...cause i fell and broke my hip" types]...dropped the words "aww gawd" into the conversation. not meaning to either it's just a phrase i often say. uhm is that considered disrespectful like? jdee, teressa? anyway...neither of us batted an eyelid so i'm none the wiser if she considered it to be so.

upshot of the yap is that i willingly transport her clients to specialist appointments as long as their appointments are on days my clients have them also. other words i am not really prepared to spend OUR funding on her clients solely. but they can come along for the ride when mine go. of course they will pay the same 'fare' that mine do. the ride ain't no free one. therefore makes it more financially viable blah blah also keeps those same fares low. i stated [ahaa...look at moi... i stated! i did] that i don't particularly want phone calls to my home after working hours...especially when i give them notice of my transports two weeks in advance...with updated transports as they come in.

tho *makes mental note to self* if there ARE the exceptions i will try not to bitch, moan and mutter. much. well, as i said "try not to". guess i better hand over my home number [still debating within myself on this one] just in case. dunno. see the debate is that i know how stressy/pissy like it can be trying to organise something when phones are not answered. and basically mine hardly ever is...[ yes i like to talk by messages and yes i like to be on the internet] and as i do realise that 'last minute shit' crops up. it's just that i hate that last minute shit that has to involve me.

we went over a few other 'rules' that i had been mulling over...like if her client is highly incapacitated, mentally and physically they will have to send a carer. as my volunteer drivers are drivers. most are of a good age themselves [some are even older than the clients...i love that] i figure the less 'hassle' my drivers have the more happy they will service theirs. plus if something happens to one of their clients i don't want my drivers overly traumatised [or unforgiving themselves] by it...facing/dealing with it alone like. yep works for me. obviously worked for the hostel supervisor as well.

and yes some of her clients can join in with my clients on our tuesday day centre days. with the proviso none of them poop, pee or dribble where they shouldn't. of course it wasn't said like that. but basically i haven't got the time to deal with stuff like that on them tuesdays. mine keep me hopping enough. "what!...am i just a puppet...a slaAVE!". but fuck i do hope that evil incarnate pearl doesn't join us...she is one mean mother bonking old bitch...spry and full faculties...the worst kind. now her! i won't make the words smile...if anybody gets my meaning. good. she's evil...evil i say!

had another unexpected visitor this arvo and not the visitor i was expecting. huh?? well yes that does actually make sense...doesn't it? nevermind...nevermind. basically mardge who was looking 'after' the bookings when i was off on holidays made a stuff up. i got two clients booked to go two different directions on the same day hundreds of kilometres apart. no can do bwanna, no matter how many ways i split the one vehicle. but we came up with three plans...so one of them should [HOPEFULLY] work. the client left less disturbed than when she came.


i'm good at times.

lookout for the fall. heh.
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