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Saturday, January 28, 2006

life is all about choices...

negating illness [mental and physical], death and taxes...that is quite true to a large degree huh. tonight i will be making the choice to smoke a big fat scoobie. should get a nice little buzz happening, beings i haven't had it for a while. will probably get zombiefied...bloody hope so...do the mind numbing tasks that need doing around here. either that or i will become more talkative. lol...ole jabber jaws herself may reign supreme...which means bugger all will get done as i will be blogging.

have to sort out the oldies morning activity today or tomorrow...will be 'thinking' day on tuesday. for them not me. am leaning towards brain drains or board games. that way i can leave them to it for the most part. i have a feeling i will have to deal with some ‘unexpecteds’ on tuesday. bloody hope it won’t be that annoying little gnome the new handyman...can’t take to him at all...personally i find him full of self-importance shit and bluster. i have always known that and yet i still employed him huh...can’t accuse me of letting my feelings get in the way there huh. then again perhaps i was subconsciously thinking of blogging opportunities...heh heh.

actually popped out today...ran out of smokes was the reasoning for it...damn them for not having enough smoke supplies when i shopped on wednesday. so i got some thickly sliced ham and the sunday paper as well...ooer might be pizza on the menu tonight...hmmm. that is AFTER i finish off the mince i made yesterday. already done some pies...might make a lasagne and some puff pastry rolls with the remaining mince. then i will let them sit in my freezer until i discover them again. whether they’ll be pet scraps or fit for human consumption. time will tell eh.

one thing that i am aware of...i could never ever have a shower without washing my hair...never mattered how much i’d pin it up...if a tendril on my neck escaped and got damp it would drive me batty enough to pull it all out and get it all wet and washed. now i can handle that wet tendril long enough not to remove the pins for one shower out of two. is that progress or what.

another thing i am aware of...i need caffeine.
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