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Sunday, January 29, 2006

completely random...

and not anything about anything really.

when paying a bill the other day i noticed that part of the three digit verification code needed were the numbers...420...actually i noticed that a ways back just got around to jotting it down. struck me funny. i mean, if ever there was a “sign” you know...*chortle*

LFB has made his first face to face appointment with the lawyer in february. during the phone call he did ask if i would need to get a medical. the lawyer didn’t think so [he’ll check into it] tho there will be verification needed that i am not disabled. so my question is...okaay so how better to find that out than thru a medical. will just have to wait to hear huh. but still sticking to the cutdown and all.

did strike the fat one up in the wee hours of last night...had my son staying over...by the time he went to bed and was asleep i only had a few hits before i thought i would save it til i could really kick back and get into it...tho after the rolling i noticed that there’s only a bit of it still left...so guess that will be good when it’s done. and i will try and forget who has it...lol.

i just killed a red back that had been living amongst my inside orange flowered clivia. was making a trip to the kettle for a coffee when i spied this great stream of web between the pot and the wall...moves in closer with the fly swatter...judging the angle of the swatting motion in my head...i decide to scoop up the black beastie with it instead...so as to smash the spider into something more solid...namely the concrete veranda. as i am trotting outside the natural light glints off the lovely red stripe on its arse...*screws up nose*...i really gotta start wearing me thongs inside.

*adds to shopping list*...can of hairspray. taking jdee’s advice i will use it to immobilise the many legged and fanged spiders i got mooching off me and my flat. but i am figuring i will add sure certainty to their death. just in case the hairspray only stuns them see. gunna have the flame throwing barbeque lighter in my other hand. will probably leave the daddy longlegs alone. they’re harmless...and usually stay up out of my way. we kinda have a deal...you stay up there and you live a happy prosperous life...get down on the ground and it’s a death wish.

so of course i leave it til my last day off to get slightly motivated with the clothes washing and general tidy up. i did make the lasagne and meat pies last night...yer hamburger meat pj and chatty is what we call mince...very versatile mince is huh...spaghetti bowl, meat pies, on toast, with hot chips, on a buttered bread roll and not leastly shaped into a patty to go along with the [in personally approved order. ha]...bun with its bum buttered [sometimes not], lettuce, tomato, beetroot, meat patty, fried onion, tomato or bbq sauce or BOTH *drool* cheese and then the bun top...also made with toasted bread in this household...yep glad someone invented this stuff called mince/hamburger.

i actually have three doors open...whoa...the norm is one. hope nobody takes the front door being open as an invitation or nothun...“don’t make me regret opening it peoples!”.

well i need to go do some stuff. maybe. perhaps indulge in a hamburger eh.
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