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Thursday, December 29, 2005

tha bastids...

so i have been gypped with a 'tranquility' incense stick...*where's tha tranquility! i scream in my head like george constanza's father*...either it's a dud or it's a trick one...i light it, walk away....two hours later i realise its still not done.

looks like we may be back in the realm of lightnun duels tonight. by the look of that sky coming over. maan why can't it do that when i am sleeping. oh okay the LFB jest come on and because my husband hates when i multi task during our chat sessions. i will be back later to finish this...well depending on the lightnun gawds.

[thirty-four minutes later]

so i am thinking about getting the in town hairdresser to cut, dye and foil me hair. i figure if she does it crap i got three weeks to really get used to it plus i usually wear my hair up anyway so the cut doesn't matter so much...well unless she cuts it too short. but the decider will be in if she actually does foils as opposed to that dreaded streaking cap. fuck i haate that cap...i always found it funny when getting streaks they [hairdressers in the collective] seem to plonk you in the chair next to that big window fer passing pedestrian traffic to look in and gawk at...

back in the city, every now and again i would do my beetlejuice impersonation when they had pulled me hair thru but before the gloop went on...jump out from behind my book or magazine with wispy bits of hair flapping outta of that skull cap. that same cap that pushes yer eyebrows together into a monobrow and leaves a mark like you‘ve had a lobotomy by some crappy surgeon. fer added effect turn yer eye balls inwards and upwards...its best used to scare the bejeezus out of small kids who are peering in thru the glass. just to pass the time really. trick was not to be caught by tha parents. sometimes they don’t like having yelping screaming kids about.

whilst visiting the other site earlier i notice a few have been suffering a post christmas deflation. i like that i don’t get over excited about christmas...less to deflate huh. works fer moi. and that’s what its all about at the moment...what works for me.

rocky i did check me tuna fish supplies after reading yer post...but hell i can’t find the damn use by date on the ally pink salmon can. salmon...tuna. kinda all the same to me. and jest when i was getting enthusiastic about that edible feast that i described in yer comments. now i don't really mind raaalphing from too many cones but i like to draw the line at food poisoning [mainly mine]...cause that ain't no fun. makes yer bum burn.

**so okay just as i went to post this latest mumble. well fuck! the fucken power went out...fuck, fuck and more FUCKS...funny i could only recover some of this post**

lucky fer you i will just carry on waffling...ahaahaa.

i went to make a stew last night...defrosted some meat...oh okaay THATS what freezer burn looks like. my families animals get fed good by me. dog and chook food...sometimes straight from mah freezer tho i do realise i am gunna have to defrost that bastid soon...probably be surprised with its contents. i know that i have a tonne of ice cream left over from sweetgums time with me. i used to like coming home from the shop in the *nextbig town over* and watching the LFB's beadies grow wide with delight and having his "alriiiight" ring out thru the house at all the goodies i brung home. i miss the little fat bastid...especially when i sing out..."where's my coffee, bitch?"...and realise there's only me here.

*sooo bitch going to make coffee*
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