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Saturday, August 12, 2006

My arch nemesis...

Friar-Fuck the prick.

Oh how I dislike you greatly F-F, let me count the ways...

I dislike how you need to slam your dwelling doors, repeatedly.

I dislike how you need to talk loudly on your mobile phone outside on yer veranda at least ten times a day.

I dislike how you need to open and then slam shut your vehicle doors, repeatedly, early each morning when you leave.

I dislike that you forget stuff as you are leaving, so that you idle your vehicle just outside my windows while retrieving the forgotten stuff.

I dislike that you don’t realise you have a backyard and use the front as a gathering point for the rest of your fucked up clan and workmates.

I dislike that your family stays over often...door slamming times four.

I dislike that you must be deaf, therefore your tele must be turned up loud.

I dislike that you then need to talk over the volume of your tv.

Lets face it, I dislike you with a passion and wish you would crawl off into some fetid hole and just stop disturbing me.
Posted by apositivepessimist :: 11:51 pm :: 27 comments

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