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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

With a shriek and a hiss...

I made the sign of the warding off fingers at the community nurse when she broached the “latest” from the dreaded spawn of Satan, the Goat Lady. Seems she has yet again abused the kindness of another and they've had a gut-full, no longer willing to put up with her selfish, fetidness.

Apparently she has sent off a letter to her latest service provider about wanting to use our fortnightly shopping bus into blahyah. Again.

She has two chances of that happening...Buckleys and none.

Firstly, the bus operators will not have her on their buses. Rightly so, as they also transport our schoolkids home and one too many times she kept them waiting, therefore making them late in picking up the kids.

Secondly, ain't no way in Hell...in HELL I say...I am transporting her to and from the Health Centre to shower and then catch the bus. Through the goodness of my little blackened heart I did that once a fortnight for nigh on two years. Even during my holidays I would rise at 6.30am to pick her up and then go back at 2.30pm to take her and her groceries home. Un-paid.

As none of my volunteer drivers are willing to do it either. I'd say she is shit outta luck.


But fear not, I know she will find a way to get in there. People of her calibre usually do. Always at the expense of others.

It was a breakthrough for me not to feel any "guilt" in not assisting her.

I still have none.

Waayhey me.

Excuse me while I cackle out a big Fuck YOU in her direction.

Woot. Four days off again.
Posted by apositivepessimist :: 11:14 pm :: 29 comments

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