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Friday, August 04, 2006

Well I was there...

my sister and her heathens were there but my brother, his wife and tribe of visitors were not. Huh. Waited with my sister for an hour then came home...heh wellll I made the effort so good on me. I once again flexed my social ability and dropped in on them today, spent a few hours getting yapped at by not only FloJo but her sister Benae as well. Talk about yappers. Only once or twice I felt my attention becoming somewhat glazed and was able to snap myself back into interest...well the pretence of it. I did good.

Benae was providing some more knowledge...oh okay bugger you's, gossip, about my psycho [aren't they usually. heh] ex sister-in-law Smiley...arhaaha that cracked me up that moniker...that girl weren't too fucking smiley I can assure you. Anyway appears she was/is quite the practicing nympho...[you'd think she'd be more happy about getting all that sex]...Tho I was kinda horrified to learn my brother [this one time] had slept with the visiting mates wife. She became the ex-wife. Eventually. Then years later this mate slept with Smiley while she was still married to my brother. My brother was also there at the time...I believe he was in the same bed.

Fuck me dead, parts of my family are more hillbilly than I thought. Arhaaha. Also reinforces men are piiigs. Well some aye. Sneaky and not so sneaky rooting bastids. Sometimes I wish I'd been born a boy. Always said I'da been a real root-rat...putting it here, waving it there...Ohhh is that what's called penis envy??

Aha just heard on the news...Not Guilty! for murder or manslaughter was the verdict reached on a trial over here. A female security guard was beaten with homemade knuckle-dusters and had the pub takings stolen by a this guy a few years back. She followed him to his fuck-off-quick-car and shot him in the head. Dead. I like her style...pleased that the jury did also.

No doubt his kin will start bitching in the media about the injustice of this decision. Just like a daughter is at the decision to release the man responsible after a couple of years served for the shooting death of her father. Turns out her father was a standover man, who with two others, had been terrorising the one family of farmers over a period of time. The son ended up not only killing him but wounding the other two pricks.

And while I'm at it...heh.

Another bloke, ugly fucker, killed his first and then years later his second wife, was found guilty of one death and not the other...he was suing for psychological damage caused by the cops in the second case...funnily enough it was the detectives at the same police station that my father worked at. Judge in that claim virtually told him to fuck off...awarded him nothing. Kudo's Judgy

When I think about it, there has been some rightful and just decisions in our judicial system lately. So yaay Them. Makes a nice change eh. To anyone who thinks any of these decisions or the sentiments expressed by moi are wrong I would say...oh the fuck well aye, not like they were an acceptably productive part of society, so yeah fuckem.

Oh and while on the subject of law etc...Pssst Rocky fer the life of me I can't get into you, all that loads is the shark picture at the top...anybody else having this trouble with Rocky's blog? I've tried a few times...always same result.
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