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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Okay, I return from the land of shiny new blogbits...

I managed to tear myself away from the hypnotic pull of trying out newfandangled gizmo's. I'm so easily had...dangle a new distraction in front of me and I'm there wanting to try it out. That's not to take away any of the gleam of the shininess...me being easy should never be taken literally either. Just giving yer the drum. Heh.

*screaaams with glee* ohhh and I have a bloody halfway decent new antivirus program...so fuckya mr Norton...you can stick yer Symantec crap up yer Khyber Pass. This new software has allowed me to enjoy what was a past guilty pleasure...I really don't know if I should tell any of you beeatches about it either. OfriggingKay it's...Fraaantic Fish Bingoooo. I know! I live the life uh. But dammit I have time that needs to be passed. So stoopid fish game it is.

But seriously I am in one Hell of a good mood. Almost maniacally...*sings* she's a maniac Maniac...stoopid flashdance song now stuck in mah head...I know I will crash and burnout soon. I hope. But until I do, guess you will just haftah suffer along with me eh. Yes? Good.

And with any luck this feeling of utter happiness will continue into tomorrow Sunday. Got that second outing happening. Once again time to put on my party frock and kick up my newly shod heels and join the social people. Well put on me jeans probably trackies and runners anyway. Long time since I wore a dress...or bloody heels. Hello my name is whatever you want it to be *purrr*...utt wrong tangent...and I'm addicted to athletic shoes.

May I add its no bloody wonder I think I hear different conversations going on at once in my head...when the farkin radio station goes slightly off kilter and starts playing a song whilst talking advertisements are going on in the background. Some days I feel like ringing them up and giving them a good piece of my mind. But I have no good pieces left. So I leave them alone. Hmmm maybe a note dropped to them would also work. With the age old saying...Music doth sooth the savage bleeding bitch beast.

I need to be back at tha FISH game...especially now that Blogger is fucking with me and not allowing "new posts".

*chants*...staaay away from the shiny new blogbits. At least fer a moment or two.

Bye now.
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