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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

As you may have noticed...

I retired the LFB for the time being...'cause heaven forbid that moi be responsible for traumatising any of you envious bitches further. But that's not to say he won't make a reappearance later. heh.

Appears my presence is desired at one or two get togethers over the next couple of days...first one is tonight for a barbie at my brothers...yes we can still enjoy a BBQ in winter heh try and do THAT in a Kentucky winter...I don't theeenk soo...tho it will be an early arvo one. He has friends up from Sydney so I guess I will be venturing out later on. I will practice my happy to be here face in the lead up. Hopefully it won't slide off when I am in the presence of the visitors four bratty kids. Recon I will just try and ignore them therefore containing the brat-slapping urges.

Hee I took today off...yes, that's right five count them FIVE days off.

Arrhaaha I just watched a dog go and take a dump under Friar-Fucks bedroom window. Good doggie.

Speaking of F-F he is so not in the good books of flat dweller Sally. Apparently the other morning at the glorious hour of five-thirty he felt the need to continually enter and exit his flat via the side entry then opening and slamming his vehicle doors for added measure. She asked if I'd heard him and his racket...nope.

All I could think was thank fuck he learnt how to operate this side door, as before he was doing all his many enterings and exitings via his front door which happens to be opposite my lounge room. As he has not learnt the art of closing a door quietly no matter what the frigging hour I can empathise and encourage [hee] her shittiness with him. Sick 'im Sally!

Hmmm I wonder if anyone would notice me if I were to relocate the dog turd to his front step.
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