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Saturday, July 22, 2006

So at first...

I thought it was off topic Thursdays [or is it Tuesdays...buggered if I know] by the comments on my last post. Then I thought hmmm might be replies to comments I left. Funny that sometiiimes I can't remember what I write from one day to the next.

Brings me to...I don't know of the correct etiquette in comments. I usually answer in "their" comments when I can get in. Some are near to impossible for me to crack open...nothing worse than wanting to yap at the blogger while waiting, watching the little emblem flutter away. When you do get in you run the risk of them not remembering what the hell yer are on aboooot...or others thinking that you are so off base and a weirdo. Which, no, being thought as a weirdo has never bothered me...well okay I don't beeelieve I was ever thought as a weirdo really, maybe just being a little bit touched in the head. Which funnily enough I was touched eh...by a fucking brickwall, a brick and a slab of cement. I think a few trees touched me also...ohhh fuuuuck the willow treeeeeeeeeeeee...my kumbyaah of many a whippings.

[Ha! I typed every one of them weirdo's correctly first go then. So git that upya little red squiggly line]

Anyway, where was I...ahhh yes comment etiquette etc etcetera. I've seen a few blogs via BM and BE that have their ideas on what/how you should interact with fellow bloggers. Especially when someone comments on your blog, blah blah. I usually find it shit funny when I strike a blog that I have commented on and never had the return comment/visit, flapping their gums about the "what you should do's". Heh tossers. Hell I comment on a lot of blogs there's a good chance if some drop by to say hi they won't return, some on account of my potty mouth writing. heh. Oh well aye, not like I will suddenly start changing that.

Little bloody brats next door are squabbling. Inside their garage that is made of aluminium that sucker is turning up the volume a decibel or two on their carrying-ons...Oi, shuuuut them heeaaathens uppp...Funny, I never hear a sudden smack, hell I don't hear any smacks. Why aren't parents belting their kids these days...never hurt me none...well, not in the long-run. Bloody hurt at the time tho. Heee.

Going by some of the brats I have the pleasure of witnessing and hearing about I do believe there should be more corporal punishment dealt out by parents. Not talking about going over-board with it...'cause fuck knows there is way too much of that going on. I never smacked my heathen oh okay I did once to try and release his many toothed grip off his Nanny's arm. But in the same respect I never sat there in that whiney voice asking him to stop doing something either...

"aw Ethaaaaan if you stop strangling the caaaaaat/knocking Elias unconscious with that wooden block I'll taaaake you for an iiiiice-cream"

I mean No People. Stop That. Stop it NOW.

You are creating fucked up people. People that us others have to deal with. Those kids grow up to be either very needy adults that sometimes I want to slap upside the head or whiney adults that I really wanna slap and occasionally kick at or, or stooopid, stupid people I really, really want to dismember.

Ohhhh and before I forget, pssssssst...my paperwork is fiiiinally being looked at. They got to it starting July 14th. Wooot. It will still be a few more months yet tho ;)
Posted by apositivepessimist :: 10:54 pm :: 23 comments

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