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Monday, July 17, 2006

It appears that I will be a dweller...

of cellars basements...well just the one basement, no plural. And not really the full basement but a room built in a corner of it. Nooo, heh at you guysss!! the room will not be containing whips and chains. Hmm maybe a set of manacles tho. Anyway *cough* that is off subject.

This does not dishearten or discourage me in the least this room, in which I will reside no doubt 90% of my at home time...it will be my s s ssanctuary...[eek. I’m turning into a stuttering wreck already]...Plus the walking up the stairs will once again give me the slim legs that I want demand back. Fuckers...gimme back my thighs!!!

A proper room, with a ceiling, ceiling and insulation/soundproofing etc. A pond will also be built just outside the window. Hopefully that will drown out some of the Hillbillie racket that I will have run away from in the first place. Also the mention of putting his 55 gallon fish tank in amongst us. I will be able to pretend *hummm...hummm* I am in a sea of tranquillity and peace.

The Little Fat Bastid made the remark that it may even become used as a retreat once we can claim the upstairs bedroom vacated by his sister and family of three others. I think they have none and buckleys chance of them ever doing this moving on out. But I didn’t stomp his dream of a “real” bedroom. Although I did make mention of perhaps we will like this room enough to keep it as our bedroom for the rest of our stay there. He soon changed his comment of “doubtful, maybe your bedroom” when I liked this idea especially with the addition of a lock on the door. Yeaah, thought he would.

His mom made mention that she...“can hear the poodle now down at your door giving that growl, let me in bubby”...[yeah, apparently the stinking poodle calls the LFB Bubby]...I asked his mom if she could also hear the boot up its arse I give it if it does.

I get a *cackle* out of...I’ve come from a five bedroom with a pool, to a four, to a three, to a two, and now to a one with a pond since I've known him. Funny when he told me to "stick with me Baby" this is not what I envisioned zactly. Heh. Bastid. I keep telling him I’m gunna sue his little furry arse for misappropriating the truth of my future life from when we first met.

Truthfully, this is all part of the adventure in just how bloody positive I am and can “do”. If there is one thing that I have discovered...it is what makes me happy and it sure ain’t all the materialistic stuff and someone that looks crappy in a thong.

**No poodles have ever been booted by me, nor will they be**
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