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Thursday, February 16, 2006

so ask me...

whose coming to my place in tha morning?...WHOooo???? i hear youse chorus...the freaken FLYSCREEN dude is comiiing...*i screaaam with joy...quietly*...so now i won’t have to resort to the ole five finger discounting trick. dammit was looking forward to practicing my pilfering and pillage knack.

well that’s what the teacher told me last night when she knocked upon my door. it’s funny she seems really nice but i kinda feel funky when i talk to her...the conversations that we have. it’s like she is waiting for me to talk to her more...sometimes i have to mentally reach to continue the chat without letting the voice in my head bust out...the one that says...“okay thank you...now could you go away...and be quicker about it!”

i think it’s because...
a) she bores me...well ‘bores’ is harsh and not quite the correct feeling or word
b) we have not a great deal in common
c) i just couldn’t be bothered to get to know her
d) its probably a bit of all of the above.

anyway, found out why she is leaving...hell if i have to make an effort at small talk i’m finding out stuff...*grin*. she got engaged...nice engagement ring...would go well with my wedding ring. she’s hoping to teach up in a school in her hometown...primary preferably beings as the secondary students would be a tad uhmm rougher and meaner to teach...“aw c’mon yer pussy teach the smart-arse kids...lol”...heard tonight from my pub/clubbing friends the talk around town is that she is pregnant...cripes it don’t take long for the raised eyebrow rumour mill to get working huh...makes me laugh...hell, good bloody luck to her and him if they are with a 'wee child'.

now back to the fly screen man...yessss tomorrow...look at moi aye. won’t know meself being able to sleep with a bloody window open...even if it IS a pissy little window...that’s a gripe i have about this flat...the bedroom windows are not large like the other windows. strange. also will be getting a security screened door at the back here near the sliding door where i sit endlessly [waiting] at this computer...goodo...will be able to leave the glass door open all night then...even when i’m sleeping. which in turn will help air out this non-smoking flat...the same flat that i do indeed smoke in...see!! still no one should rent to the loikes of me...but in my defence [lol] i only really smoke here whilst at the computer...wellll okay, once every blue moon while watching the tele. oh well tough titties eh...[quick!...who is famous for saying that...worth five points...*hint wore a lot of orange]

i sure hope the flyscreen dude gets me over and done with in the morrow's am...or at least get the security door done...won’t be able to play on the computer with him ‘working’ near my shoulder...and buggerit, if i remember rightly he is a bit of a mr-have-a-fucken-chat...*screws up nose*...i must remember to resist the hospitable offer of a cup of bloody coffee...he doesn’t seem the type that can do two things at once.

but nevermind, i have a plan...i’m *thinken* if he’s taking too long i will get on regardless and start typing about how pissed off and unstable i feel...whilst googling sharp implements...stabbing out the letters on the keyboard...or hmmm perhaps i will let him 'see' some of my blog buddies posts...BUT if he starts reading over my shoulder i’ll know that was a bad plan. so maybe i better have another backup plan eh. hmmm.

heyyy i got my hair cut today...i am feeling largely light headed. altho old shirley the town hairdresser does scare me with the scissors...she just seems to keep on cutting and cutting...and i swear when she showed me the new length at the back with the salon's mirror it seemed heaps longer than it was, unlike when i got home...hmmm maybe she uses one of them trick mirrors that elongate things...sneaaky cow. but seriously when she was cutting my fringe she had me turned in the chair so i couldn’t really see what she was doing...all i could see/feel was this hand continuously cutting and more and more hair falling...with the hand getting further up and away from my eyebrows...i know i didn’t have THAT much of a fringe to cut...tried to turn my head to the right to catch a glimpse in the mirror without her noticing. think that’s why my fringe was longer in one spot...*cackle*...nevermind trimmed that up. hell can’t beat thirteen bucks fer a [cough] ladies haircut.

thank bugger hair grows quickly...heh heh my legs can test-ta-fy to that fact.

speaking of legs i must use them to make a coffee.
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