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Friday, February 03, 2006

okay because some asked...

the vaseline is to help get me off...erm i mean the paper mache plate off the dinner plate that's acting as the mould. well it's sposed to help...we will see when the time comes for it's removal. i can actually see myself sitting amongst a flutter of shredded newspaper that was until a few minutes ago the oldies latest 'test' craft project.

i do that at times...if something doesn't work out how its sposed to, it gets ripped and torn into pissy little pieces. should see me attempt to rip up the telephone book when i can't find a phone number. it's always my 'stuff'...not like i run out and grab someone else's to do the dance of pissiness with. well yet i don't.

hmm so tell me...how long have i had this pissy attitude? uhm it's been coming and going most of me life. i like it. even tho sometimes i do *cackle* embarrass meself with it. luckily, fer the most part i am able to contain it to my own private surroundings. ahhh i do entertain myself at times...nothing like laughing at yerself...especially when you do dumbarse things.

so ended up pretty damn pleased with myself this morning before i went to bed...learnt a bit more about the template tweaking. and if any of you have noticed...ahem...i gave meself a fat arsed blog. which is what i have been wanting to do fer aaages. hate being squashed up. just could never find the part that did it...tis wonderful when the light bulb moment happens huh.

so it's freaking forty-four [about 108] degrees outside...eek...and that's in the shade.

fucken summer!

so not only have i been tweaking but i been scanning photos onto my computer...asked the good dick to bring in the various boxes of them from his place. so you can probably expect to be assaulted by more of them...ahaahaa suffer in yer jocks...dunno til i go thru them aye.
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