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Thursday, February 23, 2006

okay i thought...

this was pretty funny. heard on the news early this morning that the health minister tony abbott was punched in the head by a mental health patient...TWICE. a spokesperson for the facility said he believes that the patient did NOT know who the health minister tony abbott was.

uh huh you wanna make a bet. compliments to the mental health dude.

i’m just pissy that the ‘visit’ wasn’t caught on film. can you imagine the shock that would have been on tony abbotts face...wonder if he uttered anything when the punches started flying...“fuck off yer crazy prick”...would have been an excellent sound bite captured. and another minister woulda bit the dust...alas they are always replaced eh.

anywaaay enough on that wanker and lets get back to moi.

i was making my son’s breakfast and school lunch this morning...when the phone rings...

huh...*looks at phone*


hello is [insert female indian/paki lilting accent] muffle mumble blah available?

sorry who?

mumble muffle blah blah...sounds like she is talking from within a bubble.

sorry, what number and the name that you are after?...i ask with an increasing puzzled monobrow happening.

she then rattles off my number but then the name slips thru unclear.

do you think you can speak louder...i can not hear you...nor understand who you are asking for.

is this better [as the mouth piece gets closer to her mouth] i am after muffle mumble blah blah

me starting to get a tad snippy...who are you and who is it that you want?

mumble whatever mumble...i want to speak with...here she starts fucking spelling the name but has lowered the mouth piece so i get a couple of letters namely a p t and an s.

well that just sent me over the edge...LOL...lookout!! i’m on tha edge baby.

look!! i have no idea who you are after...i can not understand you so do NOT EVER call this number again and what the HELL are you doing calling [looks at the clock] somebody at SEVEN-THIRTY in the morning...now bugger off!

now i know that when i ring any help-line that the chances are i am going to have to deal and decipher a NESB [non-english speaking background] person...but i’ll be fucked if i should have to deal with it on an incoming home call. fuckers.

geez...sometimes i am so not a morning person. oh well. meh. i'm all better now.
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