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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

in the news lately...

is that a spate of oldies have been carking it [unbeknownst] in their homes. think the count is up to five now...a husband and wife were found just yesterday...one old man was dead for over six months. his story kinda started this media attention. dunno if he was a grouchy old fella or just kept to himself. all his bills were paid via direct debits. lived in a high rise council assisted group of flats where people really leave each other alone.

okay, well that makes me feel better about living alone in a way...i like my privacy but i also like being grouchy in company...*giggle*...i’d be found pretty soon.

...where’s that bitching thing? haven‘t seen/heard her in a few days?...

still it’s a sad reflection on society but not really surprising, considering the areas...but it got me to thinking shit i would hate for one of my oldies to die and not be found...but the chances of this really happening is slim to none. as small country towns people are nosier. notice i didn’t say more caring...*grin*. plus my curmudgeonly ones [shouts...CRANKYFRANKY!!] i do the meal run to at least once a week...seen them all yesterday so i know they’re still breathing...

albeit some are breathing more heavily from their bottoms...but that comes from age i think...age is like a licence to fart and not feel like you have to blame the dog or more to the point not have the CARE to...

yeah i farted that’s what i do!

i want a teeshirt with that on it when i'm sixty.
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