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Friday, February 17, 2006

am i retarded or am i just overjoyed...

now have you ever sung along to a more perfect line. i ask thee?

speaking of the afflicted...was glancing at “wheel of fortune” the other day...well glancing at it til i noticed one of the contestants. he had this body tic happening...as well as facials. i didn’t think his choice of prize was a really well-thought out decision tho...he had the choice of ermm...well hell i forget what the first choice was...he chose the gardening package

of course i also thought...now, this is a prime example on how my brain works...

he’d be fun to watch using that power hedger.

i imagine his better half would have the ambo’s on quick dial.

i always like/admire topiarised gardens.

“haircuts anyone?”

hmmm off shopping in the am...
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