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Sunday, December 25, 2005


i am glad i whacked that clock on over there *looks right*...now even I will be able to tell what day it is. got the idea from tiny...i reckon we all should stick a clock on...be heaps bloody easier fer me...and its ALL about easy fer the pothead. lol.

so it appears that my neighbour identifies herself as a “red-neck woman”...its blaring from our carport area and seeping beneath my door. maybe i should dig out me collection of W*A*S*P stuff for payback...but somehow i don’t reckon i could get the flap shut on the cd player...my collection being in vinyl form. fuck me, didn’t i hate when cd’s first came out...i mean i had only just got a kick arse collection together and there was no way i could afford/find the cd replacements. fuckers. do they even make styluses now?

so here i be...

tomorrow is reaally the start of my holidays. it being tuesday...i know that because i have that clock over there *looks again*...it’s so pritty.

hmmmm the things i have in store for myself over my holidays...

at this early stage i am telling myself to get back in and make some more salt dough whimsies for all those undecorated photo frames. its cheap to do. i think i have all the ‘ingredients’ the paints included. got the ducted air to keep the dough and myself the right consistency of coolness. got plenty of smoke fer the creative factor. got the time as this is the first time i have actually been living alone whilst on holidays. i even have a stack off nude terracotta pots just reaching out to touch me [usually at night when i kick my toes on them while scrambling into bed] pleading fer some vibrancy with colour.

hmmm but do i have the enthusiasm PUNK...[okaay i AM talking to myself with tha punk bizo]

so yep...i am reaally truuly gunna try and back away from this computer and do some of that stuff. but perhaps jest not today...ahaaha. mind you in another hour i could have changed me mind and be elbow deep in salt dough and paint.
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