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Sunday, December 25, 2005

and so it is done...

the food [well some of it] has been eaten...the pressie's unwrapped...a family member left with the shits. yep *pats stooffed belly* sure seems like christmas to moi. least i wasn't the shitty member so that's a bonus.

i scored big time with frog stuff. cool beans. i was sure i was getting a frog wind chime from my parents...the reason for this was i had pointed it out a month or so back then the next day when i was in the same shop to buy it, it was gone. LOL...some *narrows eyes* bastid has got MY wind chime...either that or my mum has forgotten that she bought it ages ago. us adult kids also got some scratch tickets. my brother scratched off fifty thousand dollars on his. my thoughts skipped across...yowsa and fuck! why couldn't i have got that ticket...turns out the ticket was a joke one that my father had bought off the net. my dad's such a big tricker. he's fucken lucky i didn't get it...i wouldn't have thought it was so funny *grin*.

i gave my olds a block of cracker barrel cheese each. ahaahaa i did too. dad thought it was a fabbo gift...then i reminded my mum that she had left it in my fridge from our shopping trip a week ago...*cackle*...it was hers anyway. ohhh this could get fun in later years when they are aged [okay more so] i can jest wrap up stuff of theirs and they won't remember it was theirs to start with. hmmm wonder if one of their dogs would stay still long enough next year. then again i hope not to be here next year aye.

the olds are off down to the brindebella ranges at the end of january for a month or so of camping besides the river...no doubt i will be boycotting the store then. the one that has that imbecile asking if i have heard from mum and dad followed by that fake guffaw every...i mean evaahry...time i go in there. before i leave the country i hope the olds are away. so i can dooush his forehead with my palm. hard. until then i will bide my time.

anyway...tis over!
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