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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I've been thinking.

Yes I know, what have I been told about doing THAT!

Anyway, I reckon it could be more amusing if we had to do our own list of ‘word verifications’ for our blogs commenters (?) to type in.

I am starting to get a wee bit excited about my upcoming holidays, not that I’m going anywhere and that’s just the best thing about them. Think I might try to get me blow up kiddies pool soon, seen an okay looking one from a distance in at Crazies fer like forty bucks. Will hafta be having a better look see next shop...mind you if I do get one...I will be freaking inside my head about the possibility of a snake. Fuck! decisions, decisions.

So I swear, sometimes it feels like my jaws are becoming misaligned. I find that I am back to clenching my teeth at night in my sleep...and i always seem to have a sore fucking neck....its that cartoon vulture neck that I am cultivating. I know it. Fuck I’m gunna be one of them stooped over old lady hags with the pissy attitude to match.

Then again, that attitude I will have, regardless. I look forward to that part of aging. Maan I am gunna be one fucked up crazy old bat. Well I hope to be. I FUCKEN better be! And by Christ, they had better have day cares centres for oldies wherever I end up in me declining years.

Tho I reckon I am gunna be one of them tremoring oldies. My hands already do it now and I do that head wobble more often than I’d like. My husband the Little Fat Bastid always said he would have dementia. Makes me laugh about the fun we are gunna have in our elderly years bitchun at each other...and as cohorts at everyone else.

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