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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Oh Look! It's all about me.

So I am trying out a new blogging site. Haven’t left the other just a tad disillusioned with the continual errors…spamblogs…general other crap. So hoping this site is different…time will tell hey.

I guess a bit of useless background information is called for…

Nearing forty years of opinions, wisdom and stories gained…welll not really wisdom, lets say observations. Ha. I have been married to a Hillbillie from the state of Kentucky for the past few years…I am currently back in Australia and he has returned to his kinfolk…he is identified by the tag…LFB...most of the time its a loving moniker.

Having spent the majority of my working life in the hospitality industry. Sixteen years held to the bosom of a suburban multi-racial RSL [returned services leagues] Club. I believe I have a vast working knowledge of the state of inebriation…mine and others…currently I am in the aged care services in a small country town.

I would like to say I have the patience and attitude of my sainted mother. But then I would be lying…I can truthfully say I have more of my fathers attitude and not all of it a good one to have…just ask my husband…which of course I won’t bloody let you.

My sense of humour is not to all likings.

I have no religious path other than believing in the power of Bubbha. So please if you are a fanatic…bugger off. Notice I said fanatic…there is a difference. Then again, does a fanatic know that they are indeed a fanatic? I like to believe, each to their own, as long as they are not hurting or affecting others. Karma is a wonderful and powerful bitch…what goes around comes around baybee.

I smoke one and the other...I believe there is a time and place for bad language [usually on my posts]…if any of this offends you…yes again, you can bugger off.

I have periods of hermit-ism and periods of outgoingness…some days are golden and some contain golden showers.

…life is everything and sometimes its just not.
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